Anaheim Packing House & Farmers Park, Anaheim, CA
Start Date: 2010 Completion Date: 2013 City of Anaheim, Brookfield Homes, and The Lab, Clients Thirtieth Street Architects, Inc., Architect Fuscoe Engineering, Engineering Structural Focus, Engineering Grant Mudford, Photography The Anaheim Packing District is a three-parcel site that is part of the Colony Historic District in downtown Anaheim. The landscape designed by Ken Smith Workshop creates a unified setting for two historic structures that have been redeveloped for retail and food hall. The empty lot between the two buildings was designed as a park. The landscape links together indoor and outdoor uses, creates a set of social spaces and a large area for a farmer’s park and neighborhood events. The design and material vocabulary of new improvements emphasizes durable historic materials such as wood, steel and concrete. Together the landscape design unifies the district, creates a strong identity and fits comfortably within the historic context.
Farm Aid: Ken Smith's newest park gives downtown Anaheim a much needed focal point and connector, The Architect's Newspaper, January 08, 2014