Croton Water Filtration Plant, The Bronx, NYC

Completion Date: ongoing


NYC Department of Environmental Protection, client

NYC Department of Design and Construction, client

NYC Parks and Recreation, client

Grimshaw, architects

Hazen Sawyer, engineering

Ammann & Whitney, engineering

Rana Creek, greenroof consultant

Arup Lighting, lighting design

Great Ecology, ecology


ALex MacClean, photography

This is a sustainable green roof located over a subterranean 11-acre water filtration plant in the Bronx, NYC. The environmentally sensitive site in historic Van Cortland Park includes riparian woodlands and wet meadows. This project is a good example of the contemporary trend of multi-use infrastructure with an emphasis on public space and sustainability programmed into a large scale and complex program.


The green roof of the filtration plant is designed as a sculptural landscape that is both a visual resource and functional municipal golf driving range.  A stormwater system collects runoff from the below-grade roof structure and provides phyto-remediation in a series a treatment cells that ring the driving range, as well as storage for water to be reused in irrigating the driving range. Over 1.5-miles of bluestone and gabion security walls wrap the site and are carefully integrated into the natural topography of the site.