Lever House Landscape Restoration, NYC

Start Date: 1999

Completion Date: 2002


RFR Realty, client

SOM, architect

William T. Georgis, architect

The Isamu Noguchi Foundation /

Gavin Keeney, historical researcher

Richard Marshall, art consultant


Peter Mauss / ESTO, photography

Renovation of the mid-century landscape at the landmark Lever House in New York City was based on historical research and subtle adaptations for contemporary use. Although there were not many archival drawings for the original 1952 landscape design, the landscape was-documented in a series of photographs taken by Ezra Stoller.  The restoration design of the original hedge plinth that went from the outside plaza to the inside lobby, the perimeter hedge and locust tree plantings at the podium level were largely based on the Stoller photographs.  The archive research revealed un-built landscape plans for the project designed by sculptor Isamu Noguchi, which included distinctive marble seating for the plaza..  With permission from the Noguchi Foundation and NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission the marble seating was fabricated and installed according to the Noguchi design as part of the renovation.