Harlem Gateway Malcolm X Plaza, Harlem, NYC

Start Date: 1997

Completion Date: 2000


Cityscape Institute, client

H3 Hardy Collaboration Architecture

(formerly Hardy Holzmann Pfieffer), architect


Ken Smith, photography

The project includes streetscape and place-making for the southern gateway of the historic Harlem neighborhood. The completed designs address pedestrian walks and plazas including reconstruction of 110th Street / Central Park North, and Malcolm X Boulevard as well as design of a new memorial site, Malcolm X Plaza. Central to the design is establishing the street as the ceremonial entrance to the historic Harlem neighborhood; improving view corridors; strengthening the connection to Central Park; and development of a distinctive boulevard design vocabulary. The project was a collaboration of a non-profit organization and multiple public agencies to address the design possibilities of the public realm of streets in revitalizing neighborhoods.